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Al-Yousir Company For Perfumes & Cosmetics

Founding of this company was at the beginning of 1994, the fundamental authorization with work was on 1995.

This company is (family company), the founders of this company are the Eng. Brothers (Ghassan&Faris Al-Araji), asked for inspiration the experience from their founder father to one of the perfume and cosmetics company in Iraq, since 1974, and to be aware of that this company is private sector.

The factories of the company, produces special products for human consumption, such as perfumes with several types and models with group of cosmetics and several types and models of hair shampoo with combing compositions, as well as for compositions of care with epidermis such as creams, body perfumes and the majority of are produced under the name of (laser) which is a trade mark, registered in the name of the company ..... Read More