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About Us

Founding of this company was at the beginning of 1994, the fundamental authorization with work was on 1995.

This company is (family company), the founders of this company are the Eng. Brothers (Ghassan&Faris Al-Araji), asked for inspiration the experience from their founder father to one of the perfume and cosmetics company in Iraq, since 1974, and to be aware of that this company is private sector.

The factories of the company, produces special products for human consumption, such as perfumes with several types and models with group of cosmetics and several types and models of hair shampoo with combing compositions, as well as for compositions of care with epidermis such as creams, body perfumes and the majority of are produced under the name of (laser) which is a trade mark, registered in the name of the company.

The company started with an experimental production at the beginning of 1995 at the first site, within an area of (600 m2), regarding a limited number of employees (18 people).

Therefor according to the success of the products, local market embarking upon its acquisition and for escorting the occurred development internationally domain of perfumes and cosmetics.

A second site to the factory was opened on 2001

the sites of company was opened, regarding an area of (1750 m2), which provided work opportunities for more than 120 skilled and unskilled workers, and to be aware of that the above cited sites of the company are located in Baghdad, and all are subjected to surveillance, environmental and health examination.

In 2005 anew branch was opened for the company in JORDAN with Jordan partner under the same name of the company ( alyousir company for cosmetics and perfumes ) in order to product the same quality and for the IRAQ markets .

There by and in order to produce a new clause in the company, the following steps will be adopted:

A- Studying the market need to, and estimating for the consumer desire.

B- Specifying the type of raw materials, its quantities and employing the special specification concerning that by sufficient experienced engineers in this domain.

C- Specifying and manufacturing of these compositions by employing imported materials, or to be locally manufactured, and especially filling and packing, where as the special moulds are manufactured, basing on specialized technical workshops and developed Iraqi factories, in conformity with the employed standard specifications where as implementations of the observer departments are taken into consideration (Departments and standard specifications bodies, control authorities and following up the projects products, private and government companies).

After examining the specimen of the product by the control bodies, then health certificate is to be guarantied to the products and then to be marketed to the local market and to be aware of that the company, should imported the materials that can't be manufactured inside Iraq, such as glass refills, raw materials, concentrated perfumes, plastic particles, cartons …. Etc.

Production, is carried out at the company's factories by applying equipment and special devices, such as mixers, filling machines, machines of packaging and filterization, thus and during the past eight years, we have been able of manufacturing a large part of, and been successfully applied.

In order to escort the occurred scientific and technological development in this domain, where as the company will needs to equipment more developed and specialized.

There by the process of marketing the projects of any company considered to be the basic stone of the company in its success.

The company in its special policy with marketing and via the department of marketing, that belongs to, that occupies (15) employees, concerning the area site of (800 m2) being centered at the trade capital heart (Al-Shurja Region – adjacent to the central bank of Iraq).

The marketing center and afterwards to be distributed to the 18th governorates of Iraq, in conformity with population.

Density per the governorate, basing upon number of agents (merchants), and to be aware of that the percentage to be marketed to the capital Baghdad, represents (50%) of the total products.

The number of (merchants) that the company transit business with them ranges from (40-60) agents.

The marketing department supplies the agents with the company's products and to be transferred to them, by specialized transportation bureaus and through the delivering department, concerning the marketing center.

The department of marketing employs a special mechanism in supplying each agent (merchant), basing on agents activity, where as the agents that registers more sales percentages at his location, will be granted facilities in order for encouragement from it, by award him a better period of settling with the existence of the policy of granting presents in which its values is being directly ascending with the increase of sales percentages unconformity with the rule (precious gift for more sales).

Future Vision

With regard to the frequent successes for the production clauses of the companies for the increment of the purchasing power of the Iraqi individual, upon buying therefor we anticipate a huge gambol regarding the consumption standard.

Thereby the company looks forward for greatly contribution in providing the needs of the Iraqi consumer, during the specific and quantum development, via the increase of the production quantities, expansion of the company's factories by development of the equipment and finding out an enormous new location that might contributes in responding to the increased consumer requests.

Accordingly, there is a determination for expansion in respect with producing new clauses to the compositions, for care hair and new lines of production, as well as dishes cleaning, bleaching liquids and glass cleaners … Etc.